About the Life

Muhammad Saleem Butt was born on 6th June 1953 in Lahore. After his schooling in St Anthony High School Lawrence Road Lahore, he passed his Matriculation in 1970 and Joined Forman Christian College from where he cleared his F.A examination in 1972. His prestigious educational career culminated from the Government College (Now G.C University) where he did his Bachelor and obtained Master degree in Psychology in 76. Appearing in CSS examination in 1977, he joined the Income Tax Department in 1979. The intervening period was spent in training at Civil service Academy and in professional training of Income and Sale Tax from the Directorate of Training Income Tax Lahore.

He has served for 35 years in the Income Tax Department at various cadres as Income Tax officer, Additional Commissioner and Commissioner Inland Revenue Department and retired as Director General (Taxes) FBR in June 2013 in Grade 21.

His Scholarly ability was groomed by the crave in him to acquire Islamic knowledge. From 1991 till 2014, he had attended more than 300 short courses of Tajweed, Hadiths and Tafseer-e-Quran. Worldly knowledge is beneficial when it is weighed with the Divine knowledge of Quran and Sunnah. He says if intellect and reasoning had been adequate, then the need for the Divine revelation of God would never have been sent in Books through the Prophets. The last Message of God on earth i.e. the Holy Quran has to remain forever.

His crave for writing is due to his ideological commitment and the mission of his life to carry the pen as a Jehad throughout the rest of his life. This is perceptibly seen after his retirement. He is neither doing any business or have gone for re-employment or has continued professional practice of law. To him, the nation needs a big effort of reformatory zeal and that is possible only when the time is devoted pricelessly for the Mission, he has undertaken through Al-Imdad Trust (Regt) by writing columns and Books He intends to go on social Media very soon and would end up his endeavor in publishing a paper or a periodical in his remaining life.