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Chaos in Governance!

Where it is leading us to!

Chaos in Governance! Where it is leading us to! The new Book Comprises of an autobiographical account which can be over viewed from the statement the book carries on the front page and I quote. It was “A terrifying act of a personal vendetta and victimization committed by the FBR’s bureaucracy and the highly politicized Police service of Pakistan against a civil servant, which includes his real life account of sufferings (A compact Digital cassette containing a dozen of court cases) in which he wrestled with the system of governance and single handedly fought for his right (still pursing cases) sacrificing his personal and public life”. The Author has followed the advice of the great Quaid, when he addressed Civil service officers at Government House, Peshawar on 14th April 1948 “Did the Quaid only deliver the speech for me? Where are other people’s contributions to salvage the country and save it from a total collapse?

The great Quaid Said?

              Few might have fallen victim to the whims of the Minister. I hope it did not happen anymore but, some of you may even have been put to trouble not because you are doing anything wrong but because you are doing the right thing, however sacrifices have to be made and I appeal to you, if need be, Please come forward and make the sacrifice and face the position of being put on the black list else be worried or troubled”

    The author Mr. Muhammad Saleem Butt Director General FBR (Retd) has subdivided the core issues of the Book in the following categories:-

  • Un-mending and unresponsive, bureaucracy towards public service.
  • Impaired system of justice with lengthy court cases exorbitant lost of litigation which is why Legal remedies are beyond the reach of the common man.
  • Effective legislation for good governance can only be met by amending the Status-Quo Laws which are in vogue today. Indian examples can be replicated. as Pakistan was born out of the united India.

The idea behind the Author’s resolve is his approach to life, which is identical to the Quote and meaning of Ayat 17 Surah Luqman Para 21.


 “O Son! Perform thy prayers regularly; and command people to do good deeds, and prevent them from forbidden things, and bear patiently whatever befalls you (in the preaching of Truth): undoubtedly this demands courage!” (Surah Luqman: 17)

The author’s personal life is life with upheavals. His personal debacle can he termed as act of terrorism The author by the grace of God resolutely encountered the trials and tribulation He said, “If I have to die let me fight it out” The court cases which he had to fight were extreme lengthy and he had to bear exorbitant cost of litigation costs. A compact digital cassette has been provided as an eye opener for the masses.

In so called age of enlightment, where can one find sanity? “What more can a public servant face then? His real life account is a testimony of the trials he had to face where have morals gone from the society? Save a few people like my daughter Fatima Saleem Butt LLM London, who is also a writer, supported me in the darkest hour I have been fighting on all fronts and have not even been accorded a single opportunity of being heard. I am fighting 6 cases even after my retirement in the Mohtasib Secretariat and about four cases in the High court; I am spending a major chunk of my pension on the high cost of litigation, therefore I have started writing for Catharsis. Attempts to go before the press and file Supreme Court Suo Moto cases and writing letters to all forums of the country were meant for the public attention, which has been mentioned in a chapter of this Book.

The Hidden cause of societal decay has been brought to light It has been traced through the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) This is the age of mischief and disorder which has set in Dajjal the highest mischief monger is to arrive soon as was fore-warned by all the Prophets.

The way to good governance and better life lies in the principle to differentiate between two forces. What are the forces of Batil that come in the way of “Haq”, have been placed beautifully by His majesty Allah in Surah Qasas Para No. 20. The forces against Haq and righteousness are the forces operating in the world at various times today When gross tyranny is practiced, to suppress the forces of righteousness a grave injustice takes place. There are the leaders in many fields of life. The example this Surah gives is of the Pharaoh who not only proclaimed himself as a king but pronounced himself as God. The Pharaoh is dead but Pharaohient remains till date.

The administrator Minister and advisor of Pharaoh was Haman. When Pharaoh asked his deputy to build a palace with ladders so that Pharaoh could see the God of Musa (A.S) and Haman obliged therefore he proved to be a “Yes man”. Haman said there is no God but Pharaoh, the third force in a Batil system is the capitalist and an elitist way of life, at that time, was represented by “Kurrun” which has been endowed with great wealth and money. It depicts the abundance of Kurrun wealth, keys of which were carried by forty camels and with many headmen’s On levy of Zakat ordered by Allah, he refused to part by that money, defamed Moosa, in return Allah drowned him in the Earth with his wealth. Surah Qasas in the Holy Quran, dilates upon the three anti forces against Haq and righteousness, However as faith has to succeed against materialism, Moosa A.S. succeeded against those forces. A like Situation is depicted in Surah Kahf, (Al-Quran). Which has explained this issue thoroughly and by now, the readers would have been able to understand the riddles of lawlessness in our live in the 21st century?

    The divine revelatory orders revolve around leaders, the bureaucrats, the capitalists and the industrial class. Quranic verses and Hadiths have been cited in cases of Trade and business and some silent features show how to conduct businesses that have been spelt out. The repercussions of interest on the world have beautifully been explained through the Supreme Court Judgement on interest and usury which has been given in a gist form, as otherwise it is lengthy verdict comprising 1100 pages. How interest takes a toll on the world can be seen in the Sub Prime mortgages crises of 2008 and how it would shape the future eventualities of the world economics, has been discussed at length here.

    How Corruption will shapes people’s lives has also been included in the divine revelatory orders for the leaders, bureaucrats and the capitalists Some out of the box suggestions are provided for stake holders so that they may implement them. There is an interview of the author which a brief-Resuma on Corruption. How judicial system in Pakistan can be reformed is explained by examples from the Quran and the Hadiths. Alternate reconciliatory efforts have also been suggested in the legal framework of the existing laws The ideological boundaries of the country have been ransacked we have to rebuild Pakistan afresh and an individualist approach has to be immediately replaced by a more holistic and collective approach Famous sayings of Hazrat Ali (RA) are relevant to Pakistan. Our leaders and elders from all folds and segments of life, should try to understand it.

    “Maintain justice in administration and impose it on your own self and seek the consent of the people, for, the discontent of the masses underlines the contentment of the privileged few and the discontent of the few loses itself in the contentment of many. Remember, the privileged few will not rally round you in moments of difficulty; they will try to side-track justice, they will ask for more than what they deserve and will show no gratitude for favours done to them. It is the common man who has strength of the State and of Religion. It is he who fights the enemy. So live in close contact with the masses and be mindful of their welfare”.

              For God’s sake, act to protect the ideological and geographical boundaries of Pakistan. Don’t forget, if we do not keep our house in order God’s wrath will descend upon us.


Muhammad Saleem Butt

Director General (FBR) Karachi


To whom it may concern

The righteous and God fearing bureaucrat writes the book Chaos in Governance. Throughout his life he faced a lot of upheavals and challenges. His autobiographical account in the book, prima facie appears theoretical, but his CD and other court cases are a testimony that he fought with the system singlehandedly and lost a lot of worldly stakes as a consequence. He is bent upon the improvement of the coming generation and is hopeful regarding the Prophet’s sayings that, God will annihilate the wrong doers, if few virtuous people carry out reformatory zeal.
He has unfolded the hidden causes of the societal decay, which is even confirmed by the Christians and the Jews. He has provided a way out for the politicians, bureaucrats and the capitalist elite class. In the end the endemic of corruption is the mother of all evil because it disturbs the system of justice, equity and fair play. The educated masses should take up the thesis for empirical research and it should become a topic of concern for the enlightened populace.

Muhammad Saleem Butt
Director General (WHT) FBR Retd.
Office No 506 Marine Pride,
Block-7, Near Sohny Sweet, Clifton Karachi.



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Why we should not take Bribe

Muhammad Saleem Butt

Why we should not take bribe is the best translated book in English on corruption written by Maulana Muhammad Fahim Usmani in Urdu. There is perhaps no other book I have come across which tackles the problem of corruption from such a multifarious angle, When the book was published in 2011, many Newspapers praised the short book of 84 page. The book was later written in Urdu was divided into 120 Articles and Published in Urdu Newspaper Jasarat, which remained in publication for more than two years;

                        One of the greatest evil of this time is corruption which has broken all time record If we strengthen our belief in God and offer penitence, it is the only way left for a Muslim to escape punishment of help. The Prophet (PBUH) said: “Help thy brother, whether he is the oppressor or the oppressed”, his companions could not restrain themselves. They asked: “O Prophet of God, verily, we ought to help an oppressed brother but how should we help if he be oppressor”?  “Stop him from oppression,” the Prophet (PBUH) of Islam declared in unequivocal term: “He is not of us who gives a call in the cause of partisanship; he is not of us who dies in the cause of partisanship; and he is not of us who fights in the cause of partisanship.” When one of the companions requested the Prophet (PBUH) to elucidate what he exactly meant by “partisanship”, the Prophet (PBUH) replied: “It means helping your own people in an unjust cause.”   

                The publication of the book got gifts of appreciation letter from Chief of the Air staff Pakistan Air Force. President and Prime Minister of Pakistan, many Ministers and bureaucrat local and International NGO’s Epoch Time a world renowned English newspaper, wrote an editorial on this Book and its correspondent Mr. Oliver Prêt sent an appreciation letter  which have been made part of the second edition of the book. States are custodian of the public money and guarantees security of life, property dignity and honor of its people and the will of the state is rendered lifeless, if endemic of corruption is not checked To me one of the cause of deteriorating law and order situation in Pakistan and frequent acts of terrorism emanates from the ills of rampart corruption. Is not time ripe that we should deal with the epidemic of corruption with a iron hand?



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The Conference of the Bird

 The Conference of the Bird is the best book on mysticism, Maulana Roomi the greatest mystic writer of all time has showered his praises on the literary ability of Sheikh Fareedud-din-Attar’s Book Conference of the Birds. The Book provides a path way for the inner development of the soul. During the discourse of the birds the author has beautifully given anecdote and allegories in a conference where the birds embark upon to improve upon the life emulating the way of great human icon the Prophet, kings and Sufis. The birds choose Hud-Hud as their leader as she has been in the company of Prophet of God Hazrat Suleiman (A/S). The Hud-Hud embarks upon the Journey to take the birds to the Simurgh their self styled king. The seven valleys of human transcendental stages have been beautifully portrayed through various mystical experiences in few famous stories of great Spiritual masters. C.S Nott’s English translation version adapted from Persian original script had excluded the invocation of the Holy Prophet and Khilafat-e-Rashida. The book in English was brought from the French Museum archives during a field study tour undertaken in a training course for the bureaucrat I am proud of bringing the original text of Sheikh Fareed-uddin-Attar’s Book in field with the most precious treasure for a Muslim which is none other but the Ideal life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), excluded by C.S. Nott. Due to the success of the Book, it was translated into Urdu with the original name “Muntaq-ut-Tair” Refer to Hud-Hud in Para No 19 of the Holy Quran in (Surah Namal) Ayat No 20 and 21.

Author:  Sheikh Fareedud-din-Attar’s
Translation By: Muhammad Saleem Butt
Director General (FBR) Karachi




Book 6     Book 2

Catastrophe a Ruined

Life in the after math of Corruption

Muhammad Saleem Butt wrote this book during the government service, while working as the Director General (FBR) at the Income Tax Department Karachi. A book on corruption written by a tax man sounds ironical. but his reformatory approach.gave him an impetus to achieve this feat. Corruption has spread its tentacles just like alcoholism which is on its increase The thesis of the book cover corruption from a religious, social and economic angle.
Some misconceptions, regarding gifts, donations rewards and various other official abuses of articles have been beautifully answered in the book through the Hadiths of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). This is a book where in various philosophies of corruption have been clearly explained. Unchecked corruption in the Public domain has engulfed almost all sectors of the society; it has mercilessly affected the legal, medical, educational and media sector all in one go. Haram, instigates corruption and there is a Halal way of life which Islam has Propagated too often. Any one who is asked to renounce bribe and resort to penitence offer lame excuses of being a weak person. The matter is that he is not ready to make personal sacrifices to gain in the life to come.
Constant breaches of trust, contracts and consistent trampling of Haqooq-ul-Abad can lead to (Mir Jafarim” and Sadiqism. A personal Memoir of the author have been briefly highlighted with a moral that difficulties and upheavals sometimes act as catalyst to improve upon worldly life and success in the life to come. If public opinion is tasked to change honesty is a key to bring about a change, We should recall that once upon a time, corruption was considered as an abuse nobody posed to be called a corrupt person. What is vital today is that we should have a clear vision and a dedicated Missionary zeal to fight this frightening menace. Even if people do not join the Caravan to lead a crusade against corruption, household family members can be utilized for the sake of posterity of the country.
Under persistent demand of the general populace, an Urdu version by the name of “Riswat ki Tabah Kariya aur Hifazat Kay Zaria” have also been published This book is amalgamation of two English Books as refereed above “Catastrophe a ruined life in the after math of Corruption” and “Why we should not take bribe”.




Brief About the Book “Seerat-a-Taiba”

The Book “Ideal life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)” is a English translation of series of 90 lectures given by Moulana Altaf-ur-Rehman Abbasi in Urdu These lectures describes the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in an easy way delivered for general public; even the Ulema’s had benefited from this useful refresher course. Beside this the lectures were arranged on power Projector with Maps and pictures of important events of the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) life highlighting significance of the events. The lectures were delivered with a reformatory zeal and vigor to highlight ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬importance of the topic The life of the Holy Prophet is exemplary which for this reason has been sub divided serially into chapters and sub chapters. This Book is a Milestone as it identifies everything related to the life of the Holy Prophet which is described in a simple and eloquent way Maulana Altaf-ur-Rehman Abbasi have achieved a land mark feat. The pictures and maps that have been accredited and obtained are really novel way for a reader to memorize the details. The general condition of Arabian Peninsula at the time of the holy Prophet’s Hijrat to Madina and details of international Geo-politics together with people of different religions inhabiting Arabia and other continents of the world include the Jews, the Christians, Zoroastrian and idol worshippers that have been highlighted. From the child hood to Adult-hood, important events and episodes of the Prophets life has been discussed in detail. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) started the Dawat of Islam from his family, then later on he invited his relatives, towards the end he preached it to the Arab tribes.
The Holy Prophet spent his time in the propagation of Islam within the boundaries of Mecca. In consequence to his effort the first Islamic state of Madina emerged on the world map The struggle of the nascent Islamic state grappled with the Arab tribes, Jews and Christians is a hall mark of the Jehadi capabilities of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) The author states that a ideal life in true sense of the term depends upon four basic characteristics histrocity (no divergence in history), completeness of life, comprehensivabily, and practisciblity. There are many heart wrenching incidents and episodes of the Prophets life which have made me weep when I started to translate Maulana Altaf-ur-Rehman Abbasi Urdu Book “Seerat Taiba” in English. The book is excellently worded and is easily understandable. It has resolved a long drawn, perplexing question which has boggled many minds.Was Islam spread through the Sword? The Modern occidental scholars of different religions have spread illogical propaganda about Islam has been adequately answered by the author.
The Holy Prophet spent time in the beginning propagating Islam secretly in Darul-Akram within his family and few relatives. Why did the Holy Prophet (PBUH) adopt this way then? The answer is very simple; it was because of his respect for humanity to avoid any bloodshed! The other reason for Islam being a peaceful religion can be gauged from the conquest of Mecca. There was no bloodshed at all. Abu Suffian asked the Holy Prophet (PBUH), Was it a truth that there will be blood shed that day, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, No, the conquest of Mecca is the day of peace and mercy. The Prophet (PBUH) announced that who so ever entered the House of Abu Suffian or Khana Kaba or remained in his house would be under peace and Mercy. On the 20th Ramazan the Holy Prophet gave a peace Sermon and said at the end of his speech that. “I utter the same words which Yousuf (A/S) announced to forgive his brothers Go you are free, remain peaceful contented and happy”. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) announced “General amnesty and pardon to all but declared fifteen men as absconders and ordered their execution. Out of them ten offered penitence (Taubah) and became Muslims joining the band of followers of the Holy Prophet (PBUH); only five out of them were executed. The five excuted people had commited blasphemy that is why they were executed in the light of Qurani versions The Blasphemy after the formation of the first Islamic state had been verdicted by Shariah law as liable to death punishment Therefore the conquest of Mecca is one of the greatest events in history where not a single person was killed by sword. The last five days of the Holy Prophets life is heart rending. It is my earnest imploration that each house hold should make it a point to read and learn the Seerat of the Holy Prophet from this Book. Believe me Readers, it is a Herculean task to translate the life of a person with such great a stature where language is unable to describe even a smallest details of his life. I have prayed in solitude for Allah to enables me to help me assimilate the versatile life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) Oh Allah! I always wanted to do something for the service of the Deen-e-Islam and the best I could do was to translate this book Why this Endeavour is important for me is that I believe that the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is not so clear for the world particularly the Christians, Hindus, Jews and many other religious communities who do not understand the versatility of the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). My mission is to communicate the message of the Prophet’s life all around the globe. Oh Allah! Please accept my work in your celestial realm! Kindly forgive my Sins and mistakes. Oh Allah be merciful to the Muslim Ummah who had forgotten the indispensable life of the Holy Prophets (PBUH) so elevated was (SAS) that God himself have sent Darood on him in Surah Al-Ahzab Ayat 56 translation of which is: Lo! Allah and his Angels shower their blessings on the Prophets O! Ye who believe! say blessings on to him and salute him with a worthy salutation”
What a elevated position the Holy Prophet carries nobody can comprehend Allah the creator of the earth and the heaven has sent down himself the supplication of Dawood on his beloved Prophet.