Mr. Muhammad Saleem Butt Retired Director General taxes FBR Joined the Income Tax Department through CSS examination held in 1977, the fifth common training programme. He is a Journalist writer and compassionate to improve upon the decaying social and moral standards in the society. He undertook the Jehad of the pen by writing the Books on Corruption which made him rise to fame. He wrote many books to improve upon the public service image and have lead the way for the leaders and bureaucracy showing how to work positively for good governance. There are seven books under his belt.

  1. Why we should not take bribe!
  2. Catastrophe! A Ruined Life in the Aftermath of Corruption.
  3. Riswat Ki Tabah Kariya or Hifazat Kay Zariya.
  4. The Conference of the Bird.
  5. Mantaq-ut-Tair
  6. Ideal life of the Holy Prophet

His upcoming Books are: 1). “Terrorism and plight of Muslim Ummah” He is researching on 29 Hadiths of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in which he has described “Terrorist” (As Khari Jis) 2). Topic wise summary of each Surah of the Quran with translation in Urdu and English is also underway: 3). He is also researching on Moulana Roomi, as he has a special interest in Mysticism when he wrote a English translated version of Sheikh Fareed ud-din Attar Book “Mantaq-ut-Tair” There is no English translated book in the world where anyone can find the invocation of the holy Prophet (PBUH) deleted by many English translators. The Deleted portion of the Book “The invocation of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has been translated from the Persian text and included in the book “Conference of the Bird” 4). “Chaos in Governance” is a new book which is in the Market. It includes the account of the Author’s struggle against injustices and excesses people deploy when they are endowed with power and wealth.

He is working whole heartedly in writing and has abandoned his professional career of private practice of commercial Law.

He says writing is a full time Job that requires flame of compassion and Dedication with zeal to reform oneself first and then invite people to right action and deeds simultaneously abstaining and prevent of other from sin and vices which is the prophetic way to live in the world.






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